Yun-Ho Mugshot
Kanji ユウノ
Rōmaji Yuno
Gender Female
Age 25[1]
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Professional Status
Occupation Tea Merchant
Previous Occupation Court Lady
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Lee Geun-Tae (Husband)
Manga Debut Chapter 45
Anime Debut Episode 16
Japanese Voice Ai Kayano
English Voice Alexis Tipton
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Yun-Ho (ユウノ Yuno) is the wife of the Earth Tribe General, Lee Geun-Tae. After Soo-Won’s advice, she becomes a tea merchant and trades her products to the Kai Empire.


Yun-Ho is a young woman with fair skin and brown eyes. She has a long dark-blonde hair; her bangs are collected on the left side of her face while the other side has some strands of hair passing behind her head and is tied in a bun by as it is held by a purple flower hairpin. Because of her appearance, she is mistaken to be younger than what she looks.[1]

She wears a light yellow-orange robe with pink hemlines. Underneath, she has layers of different kinds of clothing: the first layer has a pink tunic locked by a maroon sash; the lower part of this tunic is designed with frilly hemlines. Below it, she has a pale green innerwear which fills the lower part of her body that is not covered by the tunic. For her footwear, she has a pair of dark shoes. She accessorizes herself with purple flower earrings, and a necklace with a red beads and yellow petals as pendant. She is also wearing an engagement ring on her left hand.


Yun-Ho is a friendly and cheerful woman. She is enthusiastic to invent many things, and makes some of them as her hobby.[2] But she becomes more excited if she finds her husband adorable in her chosen outfits or when she sees him in battle.


Yun-Ho was a lady-in-waiting before she married Geun-Tae at the age of nineteen and she stayed by his side since then. [1]


Lee Geun-TaeEdit

Geun-Tae and Yun-Ho talk before the festival

Yun-Ho corners Geun-Tae

She shares a close relationship with Geun-Tae. Because of her husband’s lack of concern in clothing, she chooses his outfits for him, much to irritation of Geun-Tae.[3][4]Also, she likes cornering him whenever she finds him cute.


They become tea buddies over the time Soo-Won spent in Chi’Shin. During the Battle Game Festival, Yun-Ho is asked by Soo-Won to give tea to his guest, who is later known as a merchant from the Kai Empire.[5] After that, her tea is offered to be sold in Kai and she started her business.

An LiliEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Creator Mizuho Kusanagi has stated if she were to enter Yona's world, she would like to be Yun-Ho as she wants a wild husband adored by everyone and free time where she can spend doing her hobbies.[3]


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