Yu-Ri Mugshot
Kanji ユリ
Rōmaji Yuri
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Manga Debut Chapter 35
Anime Debut Episode 21
Japanese Voice Natsumi Takamori
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Yu-Ri (ユリ, Yuri) is a young woman kidnapped to be merchandise for Yang Kum-Ji’s human trafficking with the Kai Empire.

Appearance Edit

Yu-Ri is a tall and beautiful woman with brown eyes. She has long black hair color pulled back in a side ponytail and she wears her fringe in a style that covers the left side of her face. She has a mole on under the left side of her lips. She wears a long light yellow dress that is tied at the waist by a sash and she sports a pair of dark flats on her feet.

Personality Edit

Even though Yu-Ri appears to be serious and a bit of pessimistic person at first, she is friendly and brave. As an adult, she doesn’t feel like letting the young ones take all the responsibilities and feels the need to help them instead of doing nothing.[1]

Synopsis Edit

Awa Arc Edit

Yu-Ri calls the red-haired girl an idiot

Yu-Ri calls the red-haired girl an idiot after she expresses her sentiments of changing Awa

After going to an establishment to apply for a job, Yu-Ri is captured by Kum-Ji’s men and locked up together with the other abducted women in a hidden area for two weeks.[2] A day before they will be trade off, Kum-Ji pays them a visit and checks the two newly confined girls who have a red and blond hair. She watches how Kum-Ji mistreats them until he leaves. One woman becomes scared and desperately asks to be let out, but Yu-Ri tells her that it is impossible as they are now nothing but a mere object. The red-haired girl asks them if they want to change the town’s system and remove Kum-Ji for good, but upon hearing such question, Yu-Ri calls her an idiot.[3] Despite her comment, the redhead encourages them to fight and not to lose hope as there are people outside that will help them.

The following night, they are brought in a ship that is headed towards Kai. The two new girls release them with the help of a squirrel, but they are asked to pretend to be still tied up as they will lure the guard inside and knock him unconscious. After the new girls succeed, she and everyone else unfasten themselves from their ropes. Yu-Ri is still doubtful about their plan on escaping and asks the redhead if they are really serious. The new girl reveals that she and the blond belong to the people who want to change Awa. Given this, Yu-Ri decides to help them as she can’t let the young ones stand alone before the guards of Kum-Ji. Before facing the enemies, she introduces herself to them, and learns that the redhead’s name is Lina while the blond is named Yoon.

Yu-Ri is captured by a guard

Yu-Ri is captured by a guard

Yoon draws the attention of the guards to follow her while she and Lina wait for their arrival. After the blond pass by, they cut the rope holding some barrels and instantly knock the enemies on the ground. Yoon is about to shoot an anesthetic needle on the guards, but the ship shakes suddenly and causes them all to lose balance. Yu-Ri falls near a guard, who then grabs her and uses her as a threat to the two girls. Yoon exposes herself as a pirate boy in disguise and lies that he ordered her and Lina to go along with him. He threatens the enemies with a hidden bomb, which causes for the guards to take him to the deck while she and Lina are to be returned to the room where they are held. However, Lina bites the guard escorting them and catches up to her comrade. The guard tries to grab Lina back, but she attacks him from behind and renders him unconscious. Shortly after, she and the other abducted women goes after Lina and helps in tying the enemies who are defeated.[4]

The battle eventually ends after Kum-Ji’s death and they all return to Awa to reunite with their loved ones. They celebrate their freedom, and after the event, she and the other captured women sees Lina and her friends off. Yu-Ri hears someone being surprised when he finds out that the redhead is not a pirate, and she tells him about the Lina’s bravery and the fact that she is the one who killed Kum-Ji.[5] As she recounts the events, many people gather around to listen to her.

References Edit

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