Kanji ユホン
Rōmaji Yuhon
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Professional Status
Occupation General
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Emperor Joo-Nam (Father)
Emperor Il (Brother)
Yong-Hi (Wife)
Soo-Won (Son)
Yona (Niece)
Manga Debut Chapter 02
Anime Debut Episode 02
Japanese Voice Hisao Egawa
English Voice Johnny Yong Bosch

Yu-Hon (ユホン Yuhon) was Soo-won's father and was one of the most successful generals known to Kouka Kingdom before his death. He was the first-born son of Emperor Joo-nam and was believed to become the heir to the throne, but he kept his position as head general of the army when his brother Il inherited the throne instead.


Ever since Yu-hon was young, he was courageous and intelligent. Yu-hon was a strong warrior who always led Kouka Kingdom's armies to victories in their wars, during his father, Emperor Joo-nam's reign.

Yu-hon believed priests who could threaten the emperor's power were a nuisance. Therefore, he drove priests (Ik-soo) from the castle. Yu-hon also deemed the legend of the four dragons as forbidden text, possibly due to his firm belief that emperors should have the utmost power.

Officially, Yu-hon's death had been labeled an accident. However, Soo-won revealed to Yona that Emperor Il stabbed Yu-hon to death with a sword.