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Xing empire
Xing Empire
Kanji Shin ōkoku
Rōmaji 真国
Manga Debut Chapter 127

Xing Kingdom (真国, Shin ōkoku) is the country southeast of the Kouka kingdom. All that is known is that it has a warm climate and has abundant resources. And recently diplomatic relations has stopped between Xing and Kouka. The name if the present ruler is currently unknown, currently the sole heir is the first Princess Kouren. The country is currently split into two factions, the ones who follow the first princess, Princess Kouren and those who follow the second princess, Princess Tao.


Xing is situated on the south eastern half of a peninsula and shares boarders with Sei (who is west of Xing) and Kouka (which in to the north of Xing). It is surrounded by ocean from two sides and has a strait behind mountainous terrains that draw the line to Sei's and Kouka's Territory.


Not much is known about the Xing Kingdom. Recently diplomatic relations has stopped between Xing and Kouka. [1] The country is currently split into two factions:Princess Kouren's Warmongers who want to start a war with Kouka and Princess Tao's peaceful faction who wants to surrender Xing to be Kouka's vassal nation.[2] The strongest in the nation are given the title "Five Stars".

Recently, however, the peaceful faction are attempting to kill Kouren and silence the Five Stars supporting her. With this, they are starting a battle over the throne before a war. The anti-war faction believes Tao will restore peace to Xing as they believe she was chosen by God to be their ruler (though Kouren believes it is because they think Tao would be easier to control).


Kouka and Xing were warring for unknown reasons, and during this time, general Yu-hon took prisoners of war, and stated that they would be released. Instead, he chopped their heads off and dumped them at the palace gates, forever scarring princess Kouren.


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