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Kay, with that out of the way, I thought I'd open the first proper blog on this Wiki with a topic that everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... seems to be discussing:

Who do you want Yona to get with by the end of the series?

Yep, this seems to be a pretty popular conversation topic, and I thought I'd open a blog to post my thoughts on the matter, and then get yours ;D

Please be aware that I am one of the readers up to date with Hana to Yume releases (i.e: chapter 100 as of right now) and I may bring up some spoilers if you only read Titania's translations. I will use a colour box to hide any spoilers that looks like this:  Hello! . If you don't mind spoilers, highlight the box with your cursor and read on. If not, skip :)


Personally, I think Hak is definitely end game for Yona. I say this because I feel that they have not only the most personal interactions, but Yona's thoughts and actions around Hak are completely different to the way she acts around the other men in her team.

To get something out of the way: I DO NOT see AkaYona as a reverse harem, and tbh I get a little annoyed when people say it is. I think people go into the series taking any interaction as romantic, yet to me (at least) this is not the case. Love need not be only romantic: love can be between friends, between family, between people with similar goals, between strangers even. It comes in many forms and I don't think that any of the other characters in AkaYona love Yona romantically besides Hak and perhaps Soo-Won.

Kija is a popular example that people give when they try to show that others besides Hak are in love with Yona. And I agree with them... to an extent. Kija is in love with Yona, just as Yoon, Zeno, Jae-Ha and Shin-Ah are, though, like them, his love is deep for reasons besides romance. Sure, he blushes around her and gets flustered, but ultimately I think he sees her as an untouchable master. He could love her romantically, if he chose to pursue her, but he never will. Kija is loyal to a fault and headstrong, and I don't think he would ever look at Yona as anyone besides a princess and a master. As such, his love for her is of that: a man who greatly admires a leader. Kija spent his whole life wanting to meet his master Hiryuu, and he finally did. That love will never fade, but, for me, it will never be anything other than of a dear friend and supporter.

Shin-Ah gained A LOT of attention after his little stunt in chapters 50 and 51 with Yona, and I've even seen people become scared that he will steal Yona's heart. Again, I think not. Shin-Ah lived his entire life alone and wanted only one thing: friends. The way I see it, Yona is the sun to Shin-Ah's moon: she is a guiding figure in his life and he wants to always support her to make sure she keeps shining so that he can. The two both want to learn and grow, and this is where they share a common goal and a common relationship. For me, Shin-Ah sees Yona as a teacher, and loves her as such. He trusts her enough to open up to her and show her the true him, because she was the very first person to allow him to do so, and he will never forget that. Their love may be so strong that it hurts my heart (I just adore Shin-Ah, okay?) but it is the love of two people who found each other at their darkest times, and showed each other a brighter path.

Don't get me started on Jae-Ha. He is a pervert (hahaha, I love him!) and a jokester. His love for Yona seems to confuse him, and I believe it is because he never believed it would happen. He never paid attention to the dragon's blood before, and the connection such blood forged with Yona surprised him greatly I believe. I think sometimes that he still seems confused by how powerful it is, and this in turn causes him to question just what kind of love it is. Ultimately though, I think it is the love of a brother: protective, teasing and guiding. He enjoys playing games with her due to his personality, but when it comes down to conflict, he will do anything to protect his little sister and master.

Zeno... ah what to say. Obviously the love here is that of an old friend...  With Zeno being immortal a romantic relationship with Yona for me is obviously off the table. If Zeno has lived for hundreds of years he won't be looking for a partner like that. Poor soul... just imagine how much death he has seen T^T  The same as the above characters: Zeno shares a timeless relationship with Yona that transcends life itself. They were together in the past and they are together now. They will likely never forget one another and will love each other unconditionally. However, that is the extent of things in my mind. Their bond is strong, but it won't be tangled by something as superficial (in their case) as romance. If you even look at the relationship between the dragon men themselves you will see this everlasting love as well: it is the love of those who have lived together and trusted each other for a long, long time.

I'm not even going to mention Yoon. Friends. That's all for me.

Soo-Won is confusing. I think he still could hold feelings for Yona(?) but he's always been the wildcard for me. Either way, if Yona was to end up with him I would be rather annoyed, unless it was written exceptionally well. Like it or not, Soo-Won burnt bridges that I don't think can be repaired...  Yona's interactions with him (constant glaring, ignoring etc.) are proof of that imo  but that doesn't mean that the two can't end the series as friends. Friends, but not lovers in my eyes. Too much has happened for Yona to just end up where she started.

And then I see Hak. The man Yona originally picked up a weapon vowing to protect. The person she gets flustered around when he pulls his "pranks" on her - poor Hak, one day she'll realise he's being serious.  He also is the one person she isn't completely comfortable around - remember when she asked every dragon to sleep by her side and then blushed and got flustered when Hak asked why he wasn't good enough? XD  Yet, for me this uncomfortableness comes from her lack of understanding of love itself. For ages Yona pined after a man in the way a child would - wanting to look pretty and smell nice and be given gifts. Now she's out in the real world, and I think she's realising that that stuff was all playing at love.  When Yona was in the archery competition Hak truly smiled and praised her openly for the first time.  I think she realised after this that she didn't want to be recognised for being pretty and the like - she wanted to be loved for being her. And that's what Hak does. He sees things the others don't, he understands her where the others don't (the only one who has to call her Princess? Hmmm?) and he is a part of her past that can never be torn away. Perhaps even they aren't at romantic love yet (well, I think Hak is, but he's so stoic and would never do anything to push Yona) but it's only a matter of time imo before they come out and admit it to one another...  When Kalgan called Yona out for always smiling when she saw Hak smiling I was all UDGD:OJHGOUHI:JJHI!! . I could seriously go through 50 thousand examples of Hak and Yona  (need I point out all of the kisses and flirting?)  but I... HOLY HELL THIS IS LIKE A NOVEL O__o

*bows many times* I am sorry for spamming this with text, but hopefully it gives you an insight into what I think and provokes a long response from you :D

TLDR: Hak all the way!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Half agree? 13% agree? Let me know in the comments!

But please, no wars here. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and yelling at them won't do anything. It's their opinion... why would you try and take it? Stealing is bad!! >:( Plus, multi-shipping is fun :D I think I've turned to the dark side no thanks to some folk on tumblr and am liking KijaxJae-Ha DX Save me from the BL!

Hell, let's make this even simpler and put a poll :D Yay for polls! \( ^__^)/

Who do you want Yona to end up with?

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Comment away!

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