Ok so I have been thinking about how stuff can play out, with the battles right now and everything. There are some pages of the scans of later chapter and it gives an idea of what's going on. With new characters and return of old and new stuff anwsered with more questions. Ok so here's the main part that's in my head, I feel something is going to happen with Yona, Hak and Soo-won (Again, again) in where something 

  • Yona gives up herself to save Hak. I mean like Hak is captuered and I won't kill him if you marry me.
  • Or I will not kill or captuer if you come with me sort of thing. 

I know it's a little lame but I feel like something like this may happen. Also coming to a point where Yona will finally get reavenge for her father, or where Su will kill her. Ok I know its lame and stupid and my spelling and grammar are horrible but it's something I have been thinking about.




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