Here's 5 things that I think might happen (yes I changed it from 10 but don't know how to change the title lol):

1) Su-won will die. Sorry Su-won, but I think that the mangaka has made it pretty evident that his death is definitely a possibility.


2) Yona will end up with Hak. This is really likely, enough said.

3) Lilli and her friends will end up with some of the dragons. It's the kind of thing that would create a happy ending (although the mangaka has proved that the story is unpredictable) and I'm personally betting on Lilli and Zeno.

4) A secret will be revealed that will hugely affect Yona. I can seriously see a huge thing coming.

5) Yona will end up with Su-won. Although this contradicts my first two statements and is quite unlikely, I can still hope.

Yona stareee

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