Ok, so this is my first blog post, please be kind to me ^^

I know that Akayona will be a 2 cour running series, but how long exactly? Since it's already near episode 14 and Jae-Ha haven't appeared. In fact, we're still at the Seiryuu arc and I've heard that the 2nd cour is starting at episode 15, which means the 1st cour is 14 episodes long. Usually, one cour is around 11-13 episodes long and the 2nd cour is most likely as long, however the 1st cour only ends on episode 14. Does this means it's possible that it might be 28 episode long? I've hardly seen any animes longer than 26 episodes(actually I don't think I've ever watch any 2-cour longer than 26, might be just me?) and if Akayona is gonna be longer than that I'll squeal in joy! XD Even if it's just a few more episodes ;v; but the director(?) of the anime series says that there will be changes to the 2nd cour and probably won't be as faithful to the manga like the 1st cour so it might also be possible that it's gonna end on either episode 24/25/26. 

Well I'm seriously bothered about that, please help and tell me what do you guys think! ><

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