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    So picture this: One day, Jae-ha suddenly senses that the next green dragon has been born. He thinks "Oh god, I don't want that poor kid to go through what I did." He tells this to the other dragons. Kija, predictably, says "Well then! We can't let our new little brother be treated like you were! We must take him to be raised at the Village of Hakuryuu immediately!" However, they don't want Yona or Yoon to worry, so Jae-ha decides to make a trip to the Village of Ryokuryuu on his own. He sneaks that kid out of the village before they can chain him up, and takes him to be raised by Grandma at the Village of Hakuryuu. "To think that I would have the honor of not only raising multiple generations of Hakuryuu, but the Ryokuryuu as well!" she e…

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