• Bluestar036

    Manga Updates

    September 19, 2016 by Bluestar036

    Hi guys! I think this is long over do and I just want to keep people posted about when the next chapter and volume of AnY is coming out. But before I give any dates, I want to give a quick background of the manga. I mentioned this on the Talk Manga page on the wiki but Titania Scanlations no longer scanlates AnY and has been picked up by Five Twenty Five Cans (whom of which hasn't had any releases lately) and Impatient Scans. AnY has been licensed in English by Viz Media. Also to, there are people on tumblr and blogspot who translate the chapters and post summaries of them. In Japan, AnY is serialized in Hana to Yume which is published on a biweekly basis. From time to time there is a break from publishing and in that case the manga is pu…

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