Mist-Shrouded Cape
Mist-Shrouded Cape
Kanji 雲隠れ岬
Rōmaji Kumogakure misaki
Location Earth Tribe
Manga Debut Chapter 31
Anime Debut Episode 19

The Mist-Shrouded Cape (雲隠れ岬 Kumogakure misaki) is a cliff coast located in the Earth Tribe, near the Awa Port. This is the only place where the Senjuso herb grows.[1]


Senjuso Herb

The Senjuso Herb

The cliff has a steep long path leading to a platform where a huge tree rests. The tree has thorny roots hanging past the platform which makes it possible for someone to hold on to when a wave suddenly crashes in that area. On the trunk, there is a small cave housing the Senjuso: a medicinal herb that heals three times faster than any other remedy.[1]



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