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Kang Tae-Jun
Kanji カン・テジュン
Rōmaji Kan Tejun
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Hair Color Greyish-black
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Kang Soo-Jin (Father)
Kang Kyo-Ga (Brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 03
Anime Debut Episode 03
Japanese Voice Takahiro Sakurai

Kang Tae-Jun (カン・テジュン Kan Tejun) is the second son of the Fire General Kang Soo-Jin. He is in love with Yona and has been determined to make her his wife so he could inherit the throne of Kouka Kingdom in the beginning, however his 'plans' were thwarted by Hak.

Appearance Edit

Kang Tae-Jun has greyish-black hair, and brown eyes. Some of his hair is tied at the back just like his father and brother. He wears red and black clothing to show he is a member of the Fire Tribe and his facial expressions often vary depending on his situation.


Kang Tae-Jun grew with his brother Kang Kyo-Ga


Tae-Jun as a child.

His father had high hopes for his brother in life and often didn't have many high hopes for him. He was very carefree and hyper-active as a child.

Tae-Jun and his brother grew up reading books in the richer parts of the Fire Tribe about King Hiryuu and the Four Dragon Warriors. 

Tae-Jun was a big fan of these books and often wanted to play and grow up as Hakuryuu or fight with dragon claws. However his hopes were put down by his elder brother as he states that the dragons were just legends and that the only person that actually existed was King Hiryuu.


He is a sneaky man who will go against even his father's orders if he thinks it'll be for the better. He managed to corner Yona and Hak while they were on the run and tried to have Hak killed, but instead his over-aggressiveness caused Yona and Hak to slip from a cliff.

Though later on, it is revealed that he actually has a gentle and kind side when he risks himself of getting ill by helping sick and ill villagers in the poorer tribes in the Fire Tribe. 

In his childhood, Tae-Jun was a carefree, happy, naive and hyper-active child.

Anime and Manga Edit

Tae-Jun is introduced as a happy, demanding man who is obssessive over Yona. He clings to her and tries to keep her to himself against Yona's desires. Once Hak steps it, stops him from assaulting Yona, Hak tells Tae-Jun that Yona belongs to him and that they have already vowed themselves to each other. Tae-Jun argues over the pair's 'pledges' and attempts to attack Hak- with only Emperor Il to interrupt and to stop him.


Tae-Jun's reaction after seeing Yona 'die' before him.

Later on he is seen once again causing trouble for the wind tribe as his father commanded him to. However after he was scolded, he sulked in the Fire Tribe until word came that Yona and Hak was seen travelling near the border of the Fire and Wind Tribe in the mountains and valleys. Immediately Tae-Jun sets up a plan to capture Yona and attack Hak. However his plans ended the opposite way, and once he thought he had nearly finished Hak off and successfully captured Yona, Yona ends up falling off the cliff- ending his plans in calamity.


Tae-Jun calls out to Soo-Won to give him the punishment he deserves for 'killing' Yona whilst Kye-Sook interferes to stop him.

He is then left traumatised and crying over his deeds and instantly demanded a meeting with Soo-Won. Once he informs Soo-Won what he has done, Tae-Jun tells him he is ready for any type of punishment. But Soo-Won who held Yona's hair in his hand could not comprehend her 'death' just yet and neither pick up the ability to think of what to do to Tae-Jun. Kye-Sook immediately decided that Tae-Jun had committed a high act of treason and he needed to be punished. Therefore, Soo-Won begins to speak and let's him attend his coronation the day after but does nothing else. Kye-Sook does not argue with his master's decision. But this left Tae-Jun feeling horrid, leaving him commanding Soo-Won to punish him rather than do nothing as Soo-Won walked away. To Tae-Jun, leaving him free was like a mental prison, it didn't help that he 'killed' the princess and someone he loved.


For the months following the incident of Yona's 'death', he wastes away his days in Capitol Saika. Later on, it is revealed that he still blames himself for Yona's 'death' and is in a traumatised state over it. His brother kicks him around and tries to snap him out of it, and when nothing seems to work, he gives him the order to capture the thieves currently stealing their taxes or never return to Capitol Saika's castle.


Tae-Jun being bribed by his brother to capture thieves.

While trying to accomplish his mission, Kija and Jae-Ha step in to stop Tae-Jun and his officers from trying to capture 'the thieves'. Tae-Jun thinks Kija and Jae-Ha are death gods when he sees Kija's giant hand and is prepared to die for his 'sin'. He then hears a voice resembling Yona's. Once he escapes from being pinned down by Jae-Ha, Kija uses his dragon hand to throw Tae-Jun out of the village. Tae-Jun goes back, causing him and his officers to be thrown out of the village again by Kija.

Determined to go once again, he dresses as a villager and goes alone. Having fooled Kija that he was a villager, he finds out that Yona and Hak are actually alive.

Later on, Tae-Jun makes a promise with Yona to protect the poorer Fire Tribes. Tae-Jun does so, and when his brother visits him and questions his motives for doing such a ridiculous job when he is a general's son, he simply replies ''I don't... want to do it either... but if it can help protect the Fire Tribe, even just a little,  then I have to do it!.

Relationships Edit

Kang Soo-Jin Edit


An example of Tae-Jun sulking after his father scolds him.

Even though they are father and son, Tae-Jun has never really had a close relationship with his father. The reason behind this was because Soo-Jin often spent more time with his oldest son rather than Tae-Jun himself, which resulted in Tae-Jun growing up doing everything he pleases in his own way. Tae-Jun has never really cared for the Fire Tribe as much as his brother does either and he has admitted this himself once he confronted Hak and Yona. This made him oblivious to the bad things happening in the Fire Tribe. The reason behind this being that Tae-Jun never really got educated on the importance of keeping the Fire Tribe great and thriving even though he is a general's son. Soo-Jin has never really had any high hopes for Tae-Jun as he grew up either, as he believed that his eldest son would most likely do all the work. Not only this, Tae-Jun also gets scolded easily by Soo-Jin, which leads to Tae-Jun sulking easily after the matter.


  • (To Kyo-Ga) "I don't... want to do it either... but if it can help protect the Fire Tribe, even just a little,  then I have to do it!"

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