This article contains manga details that are not covered in the anime. Do not proceed unless you want to be spoiled.

Hiyou Mugshot
Kanji ヒヨウ
Rōmaji Hiyou
Gender Male
Age 35
Manga Debut Chapter 81
Image Gallery

Hiyou (ヒヨウ, Hiyou) is the one responsible for the Water Tribe's Nadai trafficking crisis.


Hiyou has light colored hair, tired light colored eyes and a scar almost parallel, on his forehead. He wears traditional clothing, which has lots of little floral-like details. He is said to be around 35, but appears much more youthful than his true age.



Hiyou and his men threaten a innkeeper to let him do his Nadai trafficking.

Hiyou seems to lack empathy.

He does not seem to have any compassion for others and shows little emotion besides hatred, contempt and anger. He also expects compensation if he has helped anyone before. He is bitter and harsh, and will use force if he does not get his way.  

He can also be vain, as when he receives another scar on his face he viciously orders for the perpetrator to be assassinated. However this could also be interpreted as an act of self consciousness.

However, despite all this, it seems that Hiyou was once a kind person, seeing he helped a innkeeper stay afloat financially.



Although Hiyou has multiple bodyguards to protect him, this does not mean he is lacking in personal skills.

Hiyou does have some good skill-use in daggers and swords. He also has good eye-cordination, and can stab someone slightly, even if he misses a vital organ.

His good eye-coordination lets him stab people through doors.


  • (To an unnamed innkeeper) - "You're really useless to me."



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