Torn Bonds
Kanji ちぎれた絆
Rōmaji Chigireta kizuna
English Torn Bonds
Air Date October 14, 2014
Episode 2
Arc Fugitive arc
Related Chapter/s Chapter 02
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Torn Bonds is the 2nd episode of the Akatsuki No Yona anime.

Soo-Won announced his intention to become the king of Kouka to fulfill the last wish of his father. Hak pledged his loyalty to Yona and promised to be always at her side. Both Hak and Yona ran away from the castle to save their lives from Soo-Won.


Hak was surveying around the castle when he noticed its unsual silence. Meanwhile, a group of guards were discussing if somebody have noticed the happenings inside the castle. One guard reported that all the guest from the party are drunk and asleep. But it is Hak who is their main concern. Hak heard it and asked them about it but the guards started pulling out their swords and attacked Hak. 

Back in King Il's room, Yona told Soo-Won that her father have cared him since he was little. Soo-Won acknowledge it and even told her that he too loves King Il. He further added that even if the people criticized him for being a coward who doesn't like conflicts, he believed his kindness from that manner. However Soo-Won told Yona that he was wrong about King Il. 

He recalled to Yona about his father Yu-Hon, who was a courageous, intelligent and a man who have led armies into victory. Back then, everyone wanted his father to be the next king. No one doubted that he would get the throne as he is also the eldest son of the former king, King Junam. But King Junam didn't choose him, instead he chose his second son, King Il to be his successor. No one understood his decision as King Il was a weak person compared to his older brother Yu-hon. Yu-hon accepted King Junam's decision and showed the young Soo-Won that the throne wasn't a big deal to him. He even promised to protect his younger brother and the people of the kingdom.

Soo-Won have a great pride for his father and even inspired to be like him someday when he grow up. But after King Il succeeded the throne, Yu-hon died. Soo-Won revealed to Yona that it was King Il who killed him. Yona refuted that he died from an accident. His death was written officially as an accident but Soo-Won learned that his father died because King Il stabbed him with his sword. Soo-Won further added that it is his father's final wish that he become the king and that is why is executing his revenge on King Il. 

Yona couldn't believe what Soo-Won just said to her. It was also a surprise for Soo-Won that Yona was there who rarely visits King Il's room. Soo-Won asked Yona why did she come to her father's room. Yona who is in tears told Soo-Won that she wants to tell his father that she cannot forget him. 

Characters In Order Of AppearanceEdit

-At the end of the episode, there was an additional 3-minute preview of Yona with Hak, Yoon , Kija , Shin-Ah , Jae-Ha and Zeno. **

Characters marked with a (*) next to their name is either part of another character's memories (did not appear physically), or mentioned in the chapter by name.


Abilities, Weapons and Items UsedEdit


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