Dragon Warriors
Dragon Warriors
Kanji 竜の戦士
Rōmaji Ryū no senshi
Manga Debut Chapter 13
Anime Debut Episode 07
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The Dragons Warriors (竜の戦士, Ryū no senshi) are the four people who received the powers of the dragon gods to protect the red dragon, Hiryuu. They carry the blood of their respective dragons in their bodies which grant them a devastating ability.

Overview Edit

The Dragon Warriors are linked to the legend of King Hiryuu, the red dragon god who descended from heaven to become a human. They are given the duty to protect and never to betray him till the end of their lives. Each one of them has a part of a dragon’s body that houses their particular powers:

  • The Hakuryuu (白龍, Hakuryū, White Dragon) has the power in his right hand. It has strength ten times stronger than that of a normal person, [1] and is able to destroy everything in its path and enlarged at will.[2]
  • The Seiryuu (青龍, Seiryū, Blue Dragon) has the power in his eyes. It enables him to look at long distances, and even to a person’s heart. Once he peeks at the heart, he can induce hallucinations and paralysis. However, once he uses this, he will also feel the same pain he inflicted on them.[3]
  • The Ryokuryuu (緑龍, Ryokuryū, Green Dragon) has the power in his right foot. This gives the holder a great jumping capacity and leap as high as he wants to.[4] It also makes his leg incredibly strong and lethal when used to kick. This leg can also be enlarged at will.
  • The Ouryuu (黄龍, Ōryū, Yellow Dragon) has an indestructible body. He is immortal and can withstand any kind of diseases. He can regenerate quickly while developing hard scales that fortify his body like steel, making him invulnerable to any kinds of physical attacks.[5] However, this can only be activated when he receives a great injury beforehand.

While being a dragon warrior makes them stronger, there are also drawbacks coming from this. Firstly, they can’t stray too far from the Hiryuu Castle, and they have to limit themselves to the lands of the Kouka Kingdom. If they go outside the country, their immune systems become weak and they are susceptible to illnesses, they also will weaken considerably. This is the reason why some of the warrior’s villages only stayed near the borders.[6] Secondly, they have short life spans.[7] For every generation, a new baby holding the dragon’s power will be born and the current warriors feel their presence. As they grow, they gradually take the current dragon warrior’s power and transfer it to themselves, causing for their predecessors to die after a few years.[8]

Out of all the warriors, only Ouryuu is the exception from these because of the nature of his power.[6]

History Edit


The four dragon warriors mourning King Hiryuu's death.

The existence of the dragon warriors came when Hiryuu was to be persecuted by the humans and before the founding of Kouka. The four dragon gods tried to help Hiryuu from danger, only to be shunned by him as he loves humans despite their flaws.[9] Because of this, they looked for humans to be their counterparts and granted them their own powers when they made them drink their blood. From this, the first dragon warriors came to the aid of Hiryuu and their land. Together, they founded the five tribes and led them to wars against the neighbouring countries.[10] After the death of Hiryuu, three of them, namely Hakuryuu, Seiryuu and Ryokuryuu, established their own villages and lived there silently to protect their existence from people wanting their powers and to preserve their bloodline. Ouryuu remained in the Hiryuu Castle and became a priest in order to guard Hiryuu’s family and keep check on the affairs happening on Kouka.[11]

Throughout the years, the dragon warriors waited for the return of their master. During this time, several events happened to the dragon warriors and to their villages. The Seiryuus, who had their village hidden in the Earth Tribe, ran to the Fire Tribe because of an incident where soldiers were killed by the current warrior.[12] The Ryokuryuus also concealed themselves in their village until one warrior escaped, resulting in the discovery of their power and the capturing of their villagers by the military.[13] Following this event, the Ryokuryuus were chained to prevent them from creating the same tragedy again. While the Hakuryuus maintained peace in their village, they develop a hateful attitude and created vengeful souls that gather around their current successor to plague him in fulfilling their desires to protect Hiryuu.[14] As for the Ouryuu, nothing much is known about him except for the fact that he got married and didn't have a village of his own.[15]

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Trivia Edit

  • According to Mizuho Kusanagi, all of the dragon warriors have fangs, though it's most noticeable on Zeno as he is always smiling.[16]
  • In the anime, the original Dragon Warriors have the same voice actors as their present-day counterparts.

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