Upon That Back
Cover 70.1
Kanji その背には
Rōmaji Sono se ni wa
English Upon That Back
Chapter 70.1
Volume 12
Arc Fire Tribe Rebellion arc
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Upon That Back is the 70.1th Chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

The Happy Hungry Bunch visit a hot spring, but Kija doesn't want to bathe. Thinking it is because of a group of scars on Kija's back, Jae-Ha goes out of his way to assist Kija to get clean, only for Kija to reveal that he didn't want to bathe out of fear of bugs being in and around the water.

Summary: Upon that back Edit

Yona and her group are having a down-time relaxing in a hot spring, which is located in the mountains far any from any other villages.

Yoon helps tie Zeno's hair up whilst noticing that despite Zeno being the Yellow Dragon, he doesn't have any scales on his body. Zeno tells the rest of the group to hurry and enjoy the relief the hot spring brings, whilst Jae-Ha comments on how it's seemingly the kids who are the fastest to get in the water. He then states how Yona, whom is separated from the rest of the group, may be lonely and jokes that he should go pay visit to her. Shin-Ah, who is new to the hot spring experience takes off all his clothes, including the mask that shields his Dragon's Eyes from sight. Jae-Ha tries to use this to his advantage, taking the opportunity to have a sneak peak at Shin-Ah's eyes, but Shin-Ah shuts his eyes tight from sight. Hak then states how for Shin-Ah this is the best chance to send him to the "other side" by stopping his heart.

Yona checks that Kija feels okay

Yona checks Kija's temperature

However, all but one wants to enjoy the hot spring: Kija. Kija states that he does not want to enter the bath, though says it's not because he doesn't like to bathe. Jae-Ha tries to force Kija in and starts stripping off his clothes; however, upon getting off Kija's shirt he spots a group of long, jagged scars down Kija's back. Realising that Kija probably doesn't want to bathe because people might see the scars, he apologises and allows Kija to leave. Jae-Ha then wonders where the marks on Kija's back comes from whilst in the hot spring water. Noting how the scars are definitely not from battle, are at least 10 years old and similar to that of a animal's claw, Jae-Ha realises in shock that it had to be the previous Hakuryuu who gave Kija those harrowing scars on his back, as Kija is not the type to bring harm to himself. Piecing everything together, it is clear to Jae-Ha that even a pampered and loved man, like Kija, has had an unfortunate human side to him as well. Walking out of the hots pring, Jae-Ha spots Kija in horrific misery, seemingly fearful over something. Thinking that he is at fault for opening deep wounds in Kija's heart, Jae-Ha promises Kija that he won't let anyone know about the scars and tells him to go to the hot spring alone, at sunset. Kija, however, refuses again. Yona comes out of the hot spring next, and asks Kija if he is okay and if he fainted in the bath. Jae-Ha lies and says that Kija did not go in because he thought he looked rather pale, to hopefully cover up and find a reason to stop Yona from exploring this matter further. Yona checks Kija's temperature via his forehead, but Kija blushes and backs, stating he is fine.

Jae-Ha distracts Hak

Jae-Ha tries to distract Hak

Walking away from the princess, Kija asks Jae-Ha if he smells of sweat, because he noticed that Yona has a nice fragrance and is embarrassed that he has not bathed himself. Asking Jae-Ha if he had seen a well, to which Jae-Ha's reply is yes and it's location, Kija heads off to wash himself. Jae-Ha quickly notes that people may see his scars at the well, and that Kija's complacent attitude will make him fail to even consider if his scars are visible or not to the public eye. Hence, he follows Kija and attempts to stop Hak from seeing Kija at the well by pretending to exercise, blocking Hak by jumping in every direction he moves; he also resorts to averting Hak's attention by throwing out his knives. As Hak asks if Jae-Ha is meaning to pick a fight, Kija suddenly comes to the scene, with his back totally exposed. Jae-Ha slams his clothes on Kija's back as Kija admits to having left his towel at the inn. Just then, Yona and the rest of the group arrive to check if Kija is feeling better. Panicking slightly, Jae-Ha notes that the current situation of people flocking in and prepares to flee with Kija on his back to prevent his secret from being exposed. However as he prepares to leave, Kija suddenly lets out a loud scream.

This leaves Yona's group worried, causing them on to rush to Kija's side once again. Kija asks Jae-Ha for a request: taking the clothes off his back, his scars visible, Kija shouts at Jae-Ha for help to kill the spider crawling around on his back. Kija then admits that the spider has also been bothering him from the minute they arrived at the baths; Jae-Ha ends up realising that Kija wasn't bathing not because he was worried about people knowing about his scars, but rather because of the spider he saw.

With Kija's problem soon sorted, Kija can finally enjoy the hot spring. Jae-Ha, angry that he put so much effort into defending Kija for no good reason, openly mocks Kija by asking if his scars were self-inflicted when Kija had an itchy back. Kija responds that his scars were given at the time of his birth, from none other than his father the previous Hakuryuu, and for no other reason than desperation. Jae-Ha asks how Kija can act so cheerfully, and Kija responds that he is not embarrassed about his scars, and tells Jae-Ha how he was not allowed to meet his father alone after the incident, and could only meet him under supervision. Therefore, to him, the marks are proof that he and his father met, that he had been touched by his father once, and that his father had a great passion to serve their long-awaited king. He is proud, and carries the feelings of his father and the other Hakuryuu's without complaints for their chosen resolution and desires to serve the king. Jae-Ha silently notes that, at first, he thought that Kija was similar to that of a puppet, but now his beliefs have changed. Kija, to him now, is no more than an amazing man, who is worthy of the title Hakuryuu.

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Abilities, Weapons and Items UsedEdit

  • Throwing Knives
  • Hsu Quandao
  • Power of the Ryokuryuu