A little 6-year-old Yona looks out from Hiryuu Castle at the shining lights from town. She wonders aloud to 9-year-old Hak and Soo-Won what it's like outside of the castle. Hak riles Yona up by teasing that she would get lost, and Soo-Won cheerily comments that he's glad the two are such good friends. Yona explains that her father has forbidden Yona to go to the castle's town because it is dangerous. Soo-Won ponders for a bit and asks Yona if she would like to go. Yona objects at first, but her resistance quickly crumbles and the three childhood friends agree to sneak out to town.

The day comes, but little Yona is scared to take the first step into town despite Soo-Won's warning that her fear is drawing other people's attention. Hak taunts that she chatters loudly at the castle so she steps forward to hit him, finally setting foot onto the lively street. Yona is quickly impressed by the crowds, music and bustling marketplace. Her eyes sparkle in amazement while Soo-Won and Hak smile and watch her from behind. Yona exclaims that there are so many people and Soo-Won replies that it's because a meeting for the five tribes is being held. Hak comments that Soo-Won knows some bizarre secret pathways, leading Yona to ask if they had often visited town before. Hak says that he has visited a few times with his grandpa (General Mundok) and Soo-Won admits he's visited a few times. Yona has trouble moving through the crowd so Hak pops her on his shoulders to the surprise of Yona and Soo-Won. They start walking again, but now it's Soo-Won's turn to have difficulty with the crowd. Hak offers his hand to Soo-Won while Yona beams from his shoulders. Soo-Won giddily takes his hand and says that this is what it must feel like to have an older brother. Hak muses that there were a lot of younger kids in Fuuga (Wind Tribe capital) and that Soo-Won and Yona are easy to take care of in comparison.

Yona notices a dish she's never seen before, wok of deep-fried dumplings. Soo-Won asks if she'd like to try some, but Yona replies that the poison taster is not there and she would get scolded by her father. Hak offers to taste for poison and pops one in his mouth. In that moment, Soo-Won notices something and shoves Hak, who gets pinned to the ground with Yona on his back. It's Han Joo-Doh (aged 24), the Captain of the Imperial Guard's first squad. The Imperial Guard is searching for them. Soo-Won looks down at Hak and is surprised that he looks dead beat. Soo-Won and Yona gasp that he's been poisoned and punch him to get him to throw up. In reality, Hak was just worn out from getting pinned to the ground. Hak roars at them to stop and grumbles that they are more trouble than the kids in Fuuga after all. By this point the shopkeeper has grown menacingly impatient with the three of them and he asks if they actually have any money to pay for food. Soo-Won and Hak forgot to bring any so Yona pipes up and tells the shopkeeper to come to the castle later. Soo-Won and Hak start to drag her away before she causes any more trouble, but then Soo-Won has an idea. Soo-Won walks up to a man who seems to know him and the man gives him some money, with which Soo-Won pays for more dumplings. Hak pesters him about why the man would give him money but Soo-Won manages to evade answering by talking about the plum bean jam in the dumplings and asking Yona if she likes it. Yona seems to be in seventh heaven with her cheeks stuffed like a chipmunk. With this they move on to continue exploring town.

A musician was playing in the street and Yona chimes that she wants her father to hear it. Soo-Won also says he wants his father to hear it too and Hak quivers at the creepy image of Yu-hon happily listening to music. Yona accidentally bumps into Han Tae-jun, who loudly threatens them with his status as second son of the Fire Tribe general. While Hak and Soo-Won are tied up with the arrogant Tae-jun, Yona wanders off and a man approaches...

Soo-Won and Hak finally notice she's missing and get away from Tae-jun. The unknown man carries Yona away in the background.

Hak is especially worried about Yona and Soo-Won hatches a plan. Soo-Won leads Hak down hidden alleys to a gambling ring where they warmly welcome "Won". Soo-Won explains to Hak that he actually regularly visits town to hear the interesting things the people have to say. The gang reveals that a kidnapping operation in the area is trafficking kids to the Kai Empire. Soo-Won formally requests help from Mr. Ogi, who he introduces to Hak as the face of the east district's underworld. Mr. Ogi meanwhile is losing a game of chess. He ignores Soo-Won and throws his booze at him... but Hak blocks it from splashing onto Soo-Won. Hak speaks up for Soo-Won and coolly threatens Mr. Ogi. Soo-Won is quietly happy, and Mr. Ogi nervously laughs and avoids Hak's glare. Mr. Ogi asks "Won" if the girl is important to him, to which Soo-Won glows and says yes. Mr. Ogi grumbles "Won" would owe him a favour. Soo-Won says it would be bothersome to be indebted to Mr. Ogi and wins the chess game for Mr. Ogi with a single move. Mr. Ogi affectionately gruffs that he can't win against "Won" and mobilizes his men to help. Soo-Won cheers his thanks. As Soo-Won's face falls quietly stern, Hak thinks to himself that Soo-Won is amazing.

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