You are in my Prayers
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Chapter 59
Volume 10
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You are in my Prayers is the 59th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Due to the changes of the officials behaviours thanks to the help of Tae-Jun, the task to really help the village isn't complete yet since it's not a task to be done very quickly. The village requires vegetations that can grow in the land, therefore Yoon decided that he wants to leave the land of fire for a while.

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Tae-Jun tells his group that Kil-Sung has made a full recovery which led to everyone embracing him. Kil-Sung later asks if they are fine if they are close to him, which they replied that they are already used with sick people and if they take care of themselves properly they will be fine. With a happy face, Tae-Jun announced that they will head towards the nearby village, Enri, Tae-Jun also announced that they will make their headquarters a clinic. Before leaving, the soldiers said that Enri village is as deserted as this one however, Kil-Sung was prepared to go to Enri village in order to repay Tae-Jun for treating him, this lead to everyone also following Tae-Jun.

Once they arrived the village, they realise that the conditions was as rough as the previous one. When there's a sick man that has a stomach ache, Tae-Jun and Kil-Sung didn't know what to do since it's not from the epidemic, and all of a sudden Yoon appeared and explained the situation. Yoon had to give them the impression of being weak while Tae-Jun was just asking why was he here, then Yoon added Yona wanted to come too which led to Tae-Jun blushing.

Yoon announced that he is going to be the nurse for the day, the officials welcomed Yoon and one of the officials joked that Tae-Jun was trying to pick up Yoon where Yoon firmly said he's a pretty boy. The officials also asked Yoon for a simpler way to make medicines where Yoon agreed and stared at an official and said he was thinking that no one is completely evil. Yoon thought that the officials were suppose to be scarier although they do have a scary face meanwhile Jae-Ha was just on the tree observing Yoon.

Yoon started to teach the officials how to make medicines making the officials surprised with some of the things that can be actually done with insects to make herbs. Tae-Jun looked at Kil-Sung having trouble asking a grandpa, who was obstructing them from working, to move which led to Zeno coming in and entertaining the grandpa and agreed to move. Tae-Jun therefore complimented Zeno for being amazing which Zeno denied, when Tae-jun was depressed about the princess, Zeno said that Tae-Jun has good look in his eyes now and everybody is smiling at him. Zeno predicted that Tae-Jun will be an important figure on Kouka Kingdom, although Zeno doesn't know what will happen it's just an intuition. However, Tae-Jun doesn't want to be important and just when he was about to say the reason, Yoon interrupted and said dinner's ready. Everyone complimented on how good the food was to the point where one official wanted to marry Yoon, where he rejected by saying don't touch him.

After dinner, the people were singing "The Fire God", where Yoon explained to Tae-Jun about the song where it was about the Fire Tribe were the descendants of the Red Dragon, this led to Tae-Jun remembering he sang the song when he was young and was thinking what the Red Dragon was aiming for which wasn't the castle or the throne.

When Tae-Jun was thinking deeply, Yona appeared all of a sudden to bid her farewell to Tae-Jun explaining that Yoon wanted to find a crop that will grow in the land of Fire Tribe and the whole group is going along with him. Yona also tole Tae-Jun that Mi-Rae has passed away this morning which made Tae-Jun sad and mad at the same time since he wasn't able to find Lady Mi-Rae's son and that someday is too late. Yona later requested Tae-Jun to protect the people of the Fire Tribe where he immediately agreed and claimed that it's the highest honour and prays for Yona's happiness also waiting for her safe return.

After the conversation, everyone in the The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch has disappeared, Heuk-Chi appeared and asked Tae-Jun who was he bowing to, and Tae-Jun didn't reply but just told him to be quiet. Heuk-Chi added if he doesn't return to Saika Castle until he catches the Happy Hungry Bunch, then they will never be able to return. Some officials were crying that Yoon has disappeared which made Tae-Jun tell them to be quiet and announced that they will return to the government office tonight and work again tomorrow. Tae-Jun lastly quoted that they will show the Happy Hungry Bunch how beautiful the land can be.

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