Like a Dream
Cover 55
Kanji 夢のようで
Rōmaji Yume no yōde
English Like a Dream
Chapter 55
Volume 10
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Like a Dream is the 55th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Panicking in Hak's presence, Tae-Jun accidentally sets off his signal flare and prompts his troops to attack the village. Believing him to be after the Princess, Hak tackles Tae-Jun and refuses to let him go, even when Tae-Jun states that he will run and call the attack off. Yona then appears and Tae-Jun weeps in her presence, glad she is alive and asking her for her permission to run to his soldiers. Despite the hesitance of the others, Yona decides to believe Tae-Jun and releases him, but warns him that she'll kill him if he betrays her once again.


Tae-Jun panics when he sees Hak

Tae-Jun panics when he sees Hak

Having walked straight into Hak's presence, Tae-Jun fakes indifference as he mentally panics. Wondering if Hak having survived the fall from the cliffs means that Yona may have too, Tae-Jun begins to lose his composure when Hak starts questioning him with a wicked smile, obviously having seen through his disguise. Pretending to not understand what the Thunder Beast is talking about, Tae-Jun stands to leave, but is accidentally startled by Yoon appearing and drops his flare into the fire. Lighting, the flare shoots into the sky and bursts overhead; Tae-Jun realises his mistake and tries to run to find his troops and tell them not to attack the village, though Hak quickly pins him to the ground. Believing that Tae-Jun is signalling his allies to come and ambush them and take Yona, Hak prepares to hurt Tae-Jun with his spear, though Yoon stops him, stating that, if he is a spy for their enemy, they should question him.

Hak threatens Tae-Jun

Hak threatens Tae-Jun

In a tent nearby, Shin-Ah sees the signal flare light up the sky and informs the others, telling them that many soldiers are heading their way with weapons. As the group try to round everyone up to discuss what to do, Hak informs Yoon of Tae-Jun's identity, shocking the lad with the revelation that the man before them is the one who caused him and Yona to fall from the cliff. Tae-Jun shouts that they need to release him before something bad happens, though Hak refuses. Zeno then arrives to call the two over and spots Tae-Jun, also being somewhat surprised to see lord among them; he informs the group that Shin-Ah saw soldiers approaching the town, and Hak prepares to go fight them off with Kija. As Jae-Ha is away at another town, the two aren't sure how many of the men they will be able to hold back, but decide to keep Tae-Jun as a hostage as they go and fight. Tae-Jun once again begs to be released and tells them all that he will call off the troops if they let him go, though Hak angrily refuses once more, Yoon telling the lord that they will use him as a bargaining chip to force the soldiers away from the town. As Hak recalls how Tae-Jun previously endangered Yona's life and vows to kill him the second something similar happens, Tae-Jun asks if Yona is alive, promising to never see her or speak of her again if they tell him. To his joy, Zeno informs him that Yona is happily living with them, and Tae-Jun begins to weep.

Tae-Jun bows before Yona

Tae-Jun bows before Yona

Just then, Yona approaches to ask Hak about their plans for the soldiers, and finds Tae-Jun kneeling on the ground before her, crying. When she asks, Hak begrudgingly informs her that it is Tae-Jun, and together he and Yoon explain that Tae-Jun has been begging to be released and promising to help. Kija immediately states that they should not trust him, though Tae-Jun turns to Yona and tells her that he doesn't want his troops to attack the village, or see her and try to report her to his father. Hak hastily replies that Tae-Jun would be the first to report, though Tae-Jun states that he wouldn't dream of it. Hak asks if he would really betray his clan in such a way, and Tae-Jun mentally questions if merely wanting Yona to be alive is within itself betraying his clans wishes. Knowing that, above all else, he wants Yona to be safe, Tae-Jun again asks to be released, promising to stop his troops and telling Yona that, should he betray her, she has his permission to kill him.

Staring down at Tae-Jun, Yona remembers all of the horrible things he did to her and Hak and the people of the Wind Tribe, and wonders aloud why he has a sudden change of heart. Telling Tae-Jun to lift his head, Yona demands he repeat his words whilst looking her in the eye. Tae-Jun does so and shocks Yona with his tear-stained expression, crying as he expresses his happiness at getting to speak to her once more and thanks her for being alive. Moved, Yona begins to laugh and asks Hak if they can release him. Hak reluctantly agrees and together Yona and Tae-Jun walk to the outskirts of the town to look at the incoming troops. Yona tells Tae-Jun that he must stop the soldiers before any of the civilians are at risk, or else she will be forced to attack to protect them; this includes him as well. Saying that she will shoot Tae-Jun without mercy should he be deceiving them, Yona tells Tae-Jun to run and stop his troops with all of his might.

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Abilities, Weapons and Items UsedEdit

  • Signal Flare
  • Hsu Quandao


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