Calling Out To Each Other
Chapter 22
English Calling Out To Each Other
Chapter 22
Volume 4
Related Episode Episode 13
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Calling Out to Each Other is the 22nd chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

After the villager was trying to take Yona underground, Yona decides to meet Seiryuu once again to ask if Seiryuu is willing to join the group.

Summary Edit

Seiryuu described how he met Yona, and felt the awakening inside him. After that, Seiryuu said that his eyes were throbbing after touching Yona and almost fell to the ground after that, also once meeting Kija he was very sure that he was the White Dragon but doesn't know why.

Meanwhile, when the group knew that Yona was being taken, the reactions of both Kija and Hak were seen to be furious and wants to make the villagers pay.

Kija then realises what is wrong with the villagers and Seiryuu in the village, Yoon also supports Kija's point of view stating that they are the complete opposite compared to the White Dragon's village where they worship red hair or the power of the dragon. However, Yona added that Seiryuu helped her and had a gentle hand which makes her want to meet Seiryuu and talk to him.

Yona decided to go and meet him once again and ask him to join their journey, but got stopped by Hak, he wants the Princess to stay and wait so she won't run into any trouble again. However, Yona said she has to meet Seiryuu in person, and said that Hak's job is to stay and keep the villagers in watch.

As the three goes to find Seiryuu, Yoon pointed that Yona is actually scared without Hak, Yona then explains Hak's job is to protect Yona and he is still doing it but hopes to release him from this role. When they arrived to the thought-to-be dead end, Kija felt the villagers was spying at them, therefore Kija stayed behind to stall the villagers.

When Yona arrives and starts a conversation with Seiryuu, he was unwilling to talk and finally answered. The two later did simple introduction of themselves, Seiryuu draws his sword as Yona came closer, Yona then asked Seiryuu to go on a journey with them, meanwhile Seiryuu has a mixed feeling about Yona.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

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