To Those Who Would Aid Us
English To Those Who Would Aid Us
Chapter 137
Volume 24
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To Those Who Would Aid Us is the 137th chapter of Akatsuki no Yona.


Han-dae, Tae-woo, and Saki are seen preparing for the coming war. Han-date states that he doesn't want to fight, to which Saki asks why he did in Sei. Han-dae says that he was simply worried for Lili, and comments that she was livlier than expected. They get the letter sent by Hak in the previous chapter.

Meanwhile, Min-soo overhears Kye-sook and Soo-won saying that the war will begin in three days. He rushes to Yona to report this. Ogi offers to send another messenger, but Yona insists she goes in person to a particular person. She states that it will be difficult to contact them as they are a person in power. Ogi says he can let her borrow a carriage to get there. She then says good-bye to Hak and kisses him. To which he becomes confused, while Vold tells him Yona has left.

Yona and Algira then make the journey to Saika.

The Wind Tribe decide to go with Hak's words, which are absolute for them and not start the war. Instead, they start a party. When Han-dae tries to invite the Sky Tribe soldiers, they shoot at him with an arrow.

In Saika, Kyo-ga is getting mad at Tae-jun, critizing I'm for 'playing in the mud'. Tae-jun responds that all he was doing was helping people plant iza seeds. Kyo-ga just goes on about his frustrations until Heuk-chi drags Tae-jun away to meet someone. Tae-jun thanks him for making it up, but Heuk-chi tells him that it is indeed real. Tae-jun becomes terrified at the prospect of meeting Sky Tribe diplomats. He is confronted by Algira and Min-soo, who tells Heuk-chi to leave.

Once Heuk-chi leaves, Yona makes her presence known.

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