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This extra takes place before the main series.

The Wind Tribe is seen celebrating over the fact that Hak will be returning for New Year. Tae-woo states that he wants to duel Hak, but Heong-dad says that it will be a quick fight (implying Tae-woo will lose) and proposes that the tribe have a pillow fight. Tae-woo gets annoyed, and Saki asks if Tae-yeon wants to do anything special. Tae-yeon says he wants to bathe with Hak, and the rest of the tribe erupt in agreement.

Yona is seen in her room with Hak and Soo-won. Hak is finishing explaining the Wind tribe's festivities, and invites Soo-won to come with him. However, Soo-won must see his relatives and declines the offer. As the two leave, Hak says he noticed Yona went quiet during their discussion. They run into Min-soo who says he must help his king with his prayers. Apparently, King Il becomes so busy in that time of year he cannot see Yona for a long time. After Soo-won leaves, Hak finds the princess in her room, sulking, and offers to spend New Years with her. She is shocked that Hak would abandon the Wind Tribe like that, but he says that it would be a pain to travel all the way home and decided to stay. She moves them to a different part of her room, and puts a kimono of hers around Hak to keep him warm. She starts figuring out what they will eat, as she knows the people in the castle would probably want to relax. However, Hak brought food already. After discussing that Yona probably shouldn't be eating food not made in the castle, she wonders why Hak didn't go to the Wind Tribe, but he brushes it off. Hak thinks about how people in the castle have called Yona a fool and disagrees with that thought. He believes Yona is a good person and wants to hurt the people who said those things.

Yoon is selling rice to a man who states that no one else sells rice during the New Year. Yoon then leaves.

The man takes the rice to the village of Hakuryuu where Kija is. The villagers pray, while Kija insists he is dressed up to lavishly (as he is decorated heavily) his grandmother though, tells him that his beauty is what keeps the village running.

Shin-ah is seen with Ao looking into the sky, and tells Ao that it will snow soon, and they leave.

In Awa, Jae-ha asks Captain Gi-gan if she wants to drink with him. She asks him why he isn't fooling around with girls like he said he would, but he says he wanted to drink with his captain. She doesn't believe him, and says he probably was rejected. Jae-ha denies it

Zeno looks at the sky, all alone.

Heong-dae and Tae-woo wait for Hak, along with Tae-yeon and Mundeok, not knowing that Hak won't be coming.

Back at Hiryuu Castle, Hak gives Yona sake and tells her it's usually used for weddings. Yona says that in that case, she will be Hak's bride for the night. He starts coughing, and she gets confused. She tells him she's just pretending, but he only coughs harder to her bewilderment (poor Hak).

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