The King of Carnage
Chapter 131
English The King of Carnage
Release Date October 20th, 2016
Chapter 131
Volume 23
Arc Xing Arc
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The King of Carnage is the 131th chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.


Zeno receives new clothes in Sansan a town near the border of the Xing Empire. Tao apologises for getting The Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch involved in the Xing Empire's affairs and tells them they must leave during the night- when it's much safer. Vold reminds Tao that she is the one who is most at danger of being attacked- or even assassinated. Tao disagrees, saying that nobody would do such a thing in the day. Jae-Ha also expresses his discomfort, stating that leaving Xing in a state of conflict would only make the group regret and more guilty. 

Yona and Hak are looking around Sansan's stores. Yona notices how there are many stores filled with weapons, but she quickly realises that this could be due to the war with the Xing Empire against Kouka Kingdom that is on the verge of breaking out. She watches in shock when she sees a child at a store, wanting to buy a sword to fight against Kouka Kingdom's ruler, King Soo-Won. Although the child does not have enough money, the idea that children are allowed to buy weapons is harrowing to her. Finding herself walking over to him, the child asks if Yona is a good archer but Yona states she is average. The child informs Yona that there is archery competition going on in Sansan and takes her there, as Hak follows behind.

Yona Meets Kouren

Yona meets Kouren.

During the competition, Yona complements the child's skill. Hak nearly slips out calling Yona a princess but quickly stops himself. He then uses a range of names and titles for Yona including: Miss Yona, Lady Yona, Ms. Yona and Yona-nyan. Yona becomes embarrassed when Hak calls her simply by her first name, but she does not know why her heart tensed up. Hak then arrives at the one title he deemed the most appropriate: master. Shortly after, it's Yona's turn and Yona strikes the dead-centre of the target board using her archery skills. The child is impressed and asks Yona to shoot down the bird in the sky. Yona does so at his request but the bird falls on top of a hooded stranger. Yona apologises but the stranger states it is fine and that they were too dazzled by Yona's skill with the bow. As Yona looks up, she is astonished at the stranger's beauty. The stranger goes away on their horse, but later comes back and hands Yona the bird she shot down. The stranger then tries to take off Yona's hood after noticing Yona's strange red hair. Hak swiftly prevents this and stops the stranger. It is then, that Yona and Hak sees Neguro, one of the Five Stars of Xing calling the stranger the name of the person they have been hearing about from Tao: Princess Kouren. Back at the centre of Sansan, Princess Kouren and her three subordinates, Neguro, Yotaka and Mizari pay a visit to the town's citizens. Kouren states how she noticed some vigilant, promising, young combat talents amongst the people after saying she was happy to see them all in good health. She then willfully states her thoughts, and expresses how Sansan will become the front line of the battlefield if Xing is to go to war with Kouka. However she tells her people not worry as Xing and it's citizens are the chosen people and with the Five Stars of Xing with her by her side she tells them that they will triumph easily over Kouka's Five Tribes and will crush the rumoured 'monsters' that resides in Hiryuu Castle.
Yona's Decision To Go To Hiryuu Castle

Yona's resolve to go to Hiryuu Castle.

The people of the town are stunned with Kouren's confidence and the presence of the Five Stars of Xing and express how they are happy to be protected by them. Kouren responds stating that the Five Stars haven't fully gathered (as Vold and Algira are with Tao) but she will fill their spots. She even states how the child from earlier could be a member of the Five Stars which further motivates the citizens for helping prepare for battle. Kouren then asks the town's citizens for their help to bring the supplies necessary to prepare for war whilst the citizens readily agrees and starts chanting Kouren's name. 

Hak Holds Yona's Hand

Hak tells Yona he is there for her

Yona, however is disturbed when watching amongst the people. She is horrified with the knowledge that as long as Kouren raises her voice, Tao and her peaceful ideas will never reach the ears of the people. She perceives that the war is certain to begin as Kouren will not be dissuaded, and calls Hak's name when distressed with these thoughts. Hak holds her hand and states that he is here for her. Yona then confesses how she has had an idea sparkling in her mind for awhile that she has constantly been shooting down over and over in her mind. She then asks Hak if she were to go to Hiryuu Castle and carry Tao's wishes to Soo-Won would he go with her. This is the only path she sees in stopping the war. Hak then accepts, saying that he will go with her wherever it may be, as he cannot bear to let Yona walk down this dark, grim road by herself.

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