Kanji 天命
Rōmaji Tenmei
English Fate
Release Date March 4, 2010
Chapter 13
Volume 3
Arc Prophecy Arc
Related Episode Episode 07
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Fate (天命, Tenmei) is the thirteenth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

Ik-Soo starts the prophecy about Yona's life: Darkness has fallen upon the land. The blood of the dragons will revive once again and the ancient pact will be kept. When the four dragons gathered, the sword and shield which will protect the king shall awaken, and the red dragon shall restore the dawn at last.


Ik-Soo started to convey the of God to Yona, after that, Ik-Soo immediately collapsed since conveying the voice of god "takes a lot of Ik-Soo." Hak miserably said that he doesn't understand or nor will believe in what the prophecy said. Yona then asked if the prophecy was about the red dragon that appears in legend of the King. Ik-Soo then asked Yona if she has ever heard of the story where Yona said she did.

Yona then explained the story, the Red Dragon, Hiryuu, took the form of a human in order to rule the country but he started to fight against the humans. Since the hearts of humans grew evil, they all forgot about god and captured the Hiryuu because of their desire to obtain his power and authority. When all of this turned dull, the four dragons descended from the skies to save Hiryuu and destroy the humans, who have forgotten to cherish and heed the gods. However, Hiryuu rejected that and claimed that he is now human, and he will never betray the humans because he loves them. The four dragons didn't want to lose Hiryuu because they loved him, therefore the dragons gave their blood to human warriors and gave them power in order to protect and never betray Hiryuu. Each human warrior possessed a unique power, one with sharp claws, one with eyes to see far off distance, one with a strong body and lastly one with legs that could jump high up the sky. It wasn't long until Hiryuu went to sleep, being weary from the battling, therefore the four dragons' mission has ended. The four dragon warriors thought of their King, who no longer moved, and started to mourn, even though they don't know if it was the blood inside them that were mourning or if it's when they're grieving for losing someone special. At the end, the four dragon warriors knew that their power is beyond human so they left their tribes and parted their ways and disappeared, this is how the five tribes of Kouka Kingdom is formed.

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