We apologize for our Incompetence
Chapter We apologize for our Incompetence
Volume 105.5
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Jae-Ha, Shin-Ah, Kija, and Zeno haven been left alone as Yoon, Hak, and Yona have gone to a neighbouring town and don't want the Dragons to attract unwanted attention. Because of this, Jae-Ha asks his fellow Dragons if they are prepared to make dinner for themselves. Kija starts to say he wants to try cooking something. But, Jae-Ha cuts him off saying they'll just have grilled fish, as he is usually capable of cooking, but wants to stay on the safe side without Yoon. Zeno asks Shin-Ah to fish with him, and upon mentioning that they will be using worms as bait, Kija becomes terrified and falls into Shin-Ah. Shin-Ah then drops Ao into a river, and as Jae-Ha strips in preparation to swim, Shin-Ah promptly jumps in to save Ao. Then, to Jae-Ha's annoyance, Kija jumps in to save Shin-Ah. Jae-Ha is then forced to save all three and yells at them for trying to swim in such flapping clothes. He realizes Shin-Ah's eyes aren't covered and attempts to see them. However, Shin-Ah covers his face with Ao.

Immediately after, a bear wanders in, and Kija decides to hunt it. The bear though, charges for Zeno who was cheering Kija on. Jae-Ha, forgetting about Zeno's immortality, jumps in front of him to stop the bear. He later wakes up in the tent with his left arm in bandages. According to Kija, after he fought the bear, Jae-Ha took a little rest. Kija asks about Jae-Ha's wound, but Jae-Ha says that he's more concerned about the bandage work, which had been done crudely. Jae-Ha recalls they didn't ever make dinner, but Kija surprises him with the fact that they did. He and Shin-Ah helped Zeno make bear stew. Jae-Ha takes this as an opportunity to poke fun at Zeno's age, saying "The wisdom of an old man, huh?" Zeno tells him to stop taking about his age. He then reminds Jae-Ha that he can't die. Jae-Ha realizes there is something burning, and that the tent is now on fire.

The Dragons are seen apologizing to an angry Yoon, while Jae-Ha thinks that he needs to take care of them.