Just Breathing
Cover 5
Kanji ただ息をしてるだけ
Rōmaji Tada Iki o Shiteiru Dake
English Just Breathing
Release Date October 5th, 2009
Chapter 5
Volume 1
Arc Fugitive Arc
Related Episode Episode 03
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Just Breathing (ただ息をしてるだけ, Tada Iki o Shiteiru Dake) is the fifth chapter of Mizuho Kusanagi's Akatsuki no Yona.

As Yona and Hak continue their journey, Hak becomes worried over Yona's physical and mental state, as she is barely eating, sleeping or speaking to him. As they camp for the night, Hak finds the hairpin Soo-Won gave to Yona, and becomes annoyed that she's kept it; however, he later decides to give it to her after Yona frantically searches the forest for it, for it seems to be one of the few things keeping her going.


Hak and Yona continue their trek through the mountains, with Yona refusing to eat despite Hak's encouragements. Hak notes that both her father's assassination and Soo-Won's betrayal are too hard for her to face, and that she's shutting down as a result. After Yona bathes in a stream and becomes frightened by leeches, Hak begins to become discouraged over her returning to her normal self, as she only eats, walks and does anything at his behest. Cursing Soo-Won for all that he has done, Hak returns to their makeshift camp, where he finds the hairpin Soo-Won gave Yona lying on the ground. Seemingly annoyed that Yona has refused to give it up, Hak keeps it as the two continue on their journey.

Hak saves Yona from the snakes' nest

Hak saves Yona from the snakes

When they stop again to rest for the night, Yona realises that she no longer has the hairpin, and begins to frantically search the camp for it; Hak notices what she is looking for and asks if she has lost something, with Yona giving up her search when she tries to convince herself that she no longer needs the clip. However, later that night she recalls Soo-Won's words when he gave it to her, and excuses herself under the pretext of needing the bathroom to go search the forest. As she walks, she remembers the kind Soo-Won she loved, and his betrayal and murder of her father; she breaks down into sobs, though then notices that she has stopped right next to a giant snake, which tries to attack her. Luckily, Hak arrives at her aid once more, stabbing the snake before he yells at her for wandering off in such a dangerous place. The two then frantically notice that they are standing in the snakes' nest, and Hak grabs Yona up to flee, getting bitten himself in the process. As he runs them so safety, Hak reminds Yona that he is under her command, and tells her to use him as a tool in order to live.

Yona keeps Soo-Won's hairpin

Yona keeps Soo-Won's hairpin

After arriving back at their camp, Hak treats and bandages his snake bites, consoling Yona in the fact that he knows how to address such injuries. He then unveils her pin and offers it to her, asking her if that was what she was searching for; continuing, he tells Yona that he will never forgive Soo-Won, but that more than that, he wants her to live. Due to the fact that she bothered to act in order to find the pin, he's willing to let her keep it if it will help her carry on, no matter what it may be.

The following morning, Yona tries to check Hak's wounds, though is told by the man that he is fine. Yona asks why they are still in the mountains when there should be villages with food and shelter nearby, with Hak reminding her that soldiers could be scouring the towns or have put out warrants for their capture. As such, he believes the only place that they can seek refuge is in his hometown: the Wind Tribe's capital, Fuuga.

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