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Awa Port
Awa Port
Kanji 阿波の港
Rōmaji Awa no minato
Location Earth Tribe
Previous Leader(s) Yang Kum-Ji
Manga Debut Chapter 26
Anime Debut Episode 17

Awa Port (阿波の港 Awa no minato) is a port city located in the Earth Tribe. It was ruled by Yang Kum-Ji until he was overthrown by the Gi-Gan's pirates of Awa and Yona’s group.


Situated on the coast, the city is a busy port for ships and boats that transport goods from Kouka Kingdom to foreign countries. The houses are mostly two storeys high and are covered with tiled roofing. At the dock, a small lighthouse can be seen near the edge.

People and GovernmentEdit

Awa Port People

The aftermath of a scrabble between some Awa's officials and civilians.

The citizens of Awa appear to be lively; however, because of the widespread corruption within their area, they are forced to look happy even when they are all scared for their lives. Ever since Yang Kum-Ji became the feudal lord, they started paying unreasonably high taxes,[1] women and children are captured to be sold,[2] and drug smuggling emerged.[3] Several establishments take part in human trafficking and the officials abuse their authority to cause disorder among the civilians. These problems has been secretly happening since Emperor Il’s reign,[1] and only some of the brave locals –who made themselves as pirates– are standing up for everyone. These pirates are made up of men who share the ideals of their founder, Gi-Gan. They have been fighting Kum-Ji and his mercenaries for years, but they still lack the force to completely stop him. Eventually, they manages to hire a powerful group of outsiders and by their help, they fully halted Kum-Ji’s operations and killed the lord himself.[4] Currently, peace has returned to Awa and everyone begin living like they used to.



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