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An Lili
Kanji アン・リリ
Rōmaji An Riri
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 160 cm
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Dark Blue
Professional Status
Partner(s) Ayura (Bodyguard)
Tetora (Bodyguard)
Affiliation(s) Water Tribe
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives An Joon-Gi (Father)
Manga Debut Chapter 78
Anime Debut N/A
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
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An Lili (アン・リリ An Riri) is the daughter of the Water Tribe General An Joon-Gi. She investigates the Nadai trafficking happening on Shisen together with her servants, Ayura and Tetora, and eventually, Yona and her company.


Lili is a young woman with dark blue eyes. Her long blue hair is tied in a half ponytail held up by a jeweled flower ornament; that resembles a hairpin. She also ties several strands of her hair with long ribbon and lets it flow freely past in her front. She is considered very beautiful.

She wears a plain white robe that has a skirt tied up above her chest. This skirt is tied with a ribbon and stops a few inches above her robe’s bottom. She has other clothing which consists of a robe with patterned hemlines and a slightly exposed chest area that is covered by her white robe underneath. It is held by a sash that has a ribbon on top of it and is located just below her chest.


Though she appears to be a confident and brave girl on the outside, she is actually a shy, caring person, who tries to hide her personality by acting and talking big to others. As a general’s daughter, Lili doesn't like to show her weaknesses to others, and once she does, she considers it as a disgraceful behavior.[1] Aside from that, she feels that protecting her tribe is one of her responsibilities and for this reason, she can be bold about her opinions and act recklessly for it if somebody, especially her father, disagrees with her. Despite her showing dauntlessness, she is not actually experienced in handling the matters by herself and she becomes scared the moment she encounters these problems. Later, however, after going through very dangerous situations, she gains more experience and becomes a much stronger and courageous person, who overcomes her fears because of her desire to stand up for others and save the Water Tribe. [2]


Water Tribe ArcEdit

On Lili’s visit at Shisen together with Ayura and Tetora, she finds a suspicious group who she deems as the smugglers from the Kai Empire.[3] She goes back home to Suiko Castle and tells her father about what she saw and her desire to investigate them, only to be confined. Irritated, she calls Tetora and Ayura to ask them to let her out and accompany her again to Shisen. Arriving at the port town, she immediately sees the people she saw earlier and spies on them. When the only girl of that group spots her, and eventually the masked man who has a squirrel, she runs back to her servants and they leave.

At that night, they stay at an inn and she notices the group once more at the nearby bar. When she followed them inside, she sees the girl, who spotted her awhile ago, dancing on the center stage. Believing that she is really not an entertainer, she tries to get close to her only to bump into a drunkard man. The man grabs her while chanting how he is hurt from their collision, and as she struggles to get away, she receives a punch to her face. She is about to take another hit until she is saved by the dancer. However, the dancer gets pinned by other men and she is left numb on her feet. Another man looks at her with a broken bottle in hand and is ready to strike her, but she is saved once again after a young man from the dancer’s group saves her. She is told to run and as chaos ensues, she sits in a corner, trying to protect herself. After the trouble subsides, she cries out of fear as the dancer hugs her.

Yona comforts Lili

Lili being comforted by the dancer.

She goes outside together with some members of the dancer’s crew and she is treated by a young boy. She realizes that they are not what she doubted them to be as they also want to end the corruption happening within the tribe.[4] Lili asks their names, and as she learns of the dancer’s name to be Yona, she suspects that she is the princess. However, the young boy quickly tells her that she is not the princess and they only share the same name. One of Yona’s friends returns and tells them that they tied up the drug users, which makes her tremble in fear. Yona calms her down, and she hears that they will infiltrate the store that they believe to be the source of the drugs. Lili questions their reason for helping the Water Tribe but is cut short when her servants show up. They make a stance to fight the men after they see her injuries, which makes her quickly clear up the misunderstanding. They bid goodbye afterwards, though she is determined not to go home to Suiko right away.

Lili cries as she wants to be like Yona

Lili says she wants to become like Yona.

The following day, Lili meets Yona’s company once more and is surprised how she managed to sleep in a tent surrounded by her male companions. She finds out that the users are still in the location and Yona has to keep guard them as some of her friends will execute their infiltration plan. Because of this, she asks Ayura to set up clinics and invites Yona’s group to the inn they are staying at as gratitude for saving her.[5] In the inn, she, Yona, and her servants take a bath in the hot springs and they talk about their different opinions of men. Lili notices the bruises on Yona’s body and discovers that she is learning swordsmanship. After the bath, she and Ayura watch Yona practice using the sword while Tetora takes some food. After awhile, she and Yona go inside the inn to invite some of Yona’s friends. However, they find Tetora attacked by Hiyou, the ringleader of the drug trafficking. Hiyou orders his men to kill them, and Yona quickly protects her while she is petrified. During the fight, Yona gets slashed from behind, but she still stands up and fights. Witnessing her bravery, Lili wants to become strong like her.[6] Soon, both Yona and Lili are kidnapped by a nadai merchant named Tsubaru, who acted as an innkeeper and sent them as slaves to build a fort in Sei.

Sei Kingdom ArcEdit

While they are there, Yona tells Lili that the "water" is nadai, and not to drink it. After a couple days, Lili is worn out, and starting to stagger. One of the guards noticed, and grabbed her from the back. Telling her, "This wine is free. So have as much as you want!" And he pours it into her mouth. But Lili spits it out, saying,"Thanks. I was just about to wash my face." Yona runs up to her, and helps her walk away. But, when they've moved, Lili breaks down into tears. saying that a part of her wants to grab the wine and drink it all. And that she feels so guilty, but Yona reassures her that she shouldn't feel guilty. That night, Yona sneaks out to get some water. Lili follows her and is caught. She struggles to get away, but can't. As a result, the guard holds his sword to her neck, to kill her, but Yona hits him with a wooden pole from the back. Sadly, the man, influenced by nadai, isn't affected. Yona attempts to fight the guard with the pole, but it is sliced in half. As the guard swing to kill her, Lili grabs a piece of a broken pot. She stabs him in the back of his neck, killing him. Afterwards, Yona says its the perfect time to escape, so they do. After Yona and Lili escaped, Lili is still shocked that she killed someone. Yona tells her to forget it, and to sleep. While Lili's sleeping, Yona goes to look for water; since Lili refused to drink the nadai they served, and was thirsty. When Yona goes looking for water and comes back, she informs her that they have been spotted by the troops from Sei. Eventually, both of them are captured and although Jae Ha saves Yona, Lili is to be hanged. She is saved by Soo Won and Hak, with the former firing an arrow to cut the ropes and the latter catching her.



An Joon-GiEdit

Lili with her father

Lili with her father.

Lili gets on well with her father, but sometimes she has disagreements with him, particularly on how he handles the Water Tribe’s problems.[7] Whenever Lili points out the happenings in their tribe, especially her desire to do something about it, she is always locked up in her room.[8] It may seem appropriate to her father as he doesn’t want her to get hurt, however, she doesn’t see it that way which makes her rebel against him.


Ayura is one of Lili's bodyguards. And she had built secret doors in Lili's room. One of them being her revolving mirror. But even so, Lili has a good relationship with Ayura. Though it does seem to be a little hard at times. Like when she was under house arrest, she insisted on sneaking out, with the water tribe's seal, and going back to fix the nadai problem. In Shisen, after Lili and Yona were kidnapped. They caught two merchants, and they said the two girls were taken to Sei. They warned Hak, Yoon, the dragons, and Tetora; they might get adddicted. Angry, Tetora pierced the wall with her sword, inches away from one of their faces; threatening them. the dragons When Ayura saw Lili about to be hanged, she stood up and began fighting. Only to be stopped by Lili.


Tetora is Lili's other bodyguard. She tends to joke around, saying things like "Fufu." whenever Lili says something ridiculous, serious, or funny. She doesn't seem to appear to take her role very seriously; but she is devoted to Lili. When Ayura, and the group caught two nadai merchants, in Shisen. When the merchants said Yona and Lili might end up getting addicted to the nadai; she punched the wall inches away from their face. Threatening and warning them about who they kidnapped, and if they were prepared for the coming of the water tribe's wrath.


Initially, she thought of Yona as one of the people involved in the drug trafficking going on in her tribe. But as she is saved by her and learns that they both share a common goal to eradicate the corruption, they joined forces. The two of them didn't consider one another to be friends in the beginning, because she always had a hard time befriending girls her age.[9] But as noted by Ayura, Lili actually enjoys Yona’s company.[10] Most of the time, she frankly tells Yona how weak she is. But behind her words, she admires her and sets her as a prime example to become a strong woman. Lili would later become someone very dear to Yona, as the latter had never before been so worried for a single person when Lili was captured by army of the Sei empire. During the time, she saves Yona, while putting herself in danger.


When Soo-won and Lili first meet, he saves Lili and ends up being her "bodyguard". Later, he aids her (along with Yona and her crew) defeat a fleet of ships from Sei. After Lili is kidnapped and brought to Sei as a slave, Soo-Won, along with four of the five tribe's generals, save her. In order to save her he works with Hak. After Lili heals, Soo-Won comes to visit her, when she is ordered to thank him later on by General Joo-Doh. She catches him in the back alleys talking with Ogi. Lili is very protective of Yona, she doesn't want Soo-Won to kill her. However, there are implications in the later chapters that she wants to learn more about "this man that Yona used to love." Even though her tastes in men tend to be that of high status with age under their belt, her interest in Soo-Won is ironic.
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Lili becomes shy


Lili has a deep hatred for Kushibi. Since he was the one who kidnapped water tribe citzens; and brought them to Sei. He was also the one who sentenced her to hang. And later on, all the rest of the prisoners. She even said she was thinking of how she hated him. Looking down from his throne, with a smug look on his face.

Lee Geun-TaeEdit

In the manga, after Lili has been saved from being executed, General Geun-Tae went to visit her to make sure she was okay. She blushed furiously at his presence and was unable to even look him in the eye. She finds him to be very attractive and good-looking as well. It has been stated by her to others such as Soo-won and Yona that she has a crush on him and thinks of him to be attractive and hot. She is constantly reminded by others that he has a wife which causes her to be annoyed at times, but at heart she understands that he's married and all but states that she just can't help to have these feelings for him.


Lili seems to have an okay friendship with her. When she visited, Yun-ho welcomed her warmly. Though she seemed to be a little annoyed about how she treated her like a little kid. Since Lili has a crush on Guen-tae, it also puts a strain on her realationsip with Yun-ho. Since Yun-ho is his wife. But, overall, she gets along pretty well with her.


  • She believes that true men are 35 years of age and above. She dislikes young men.[11]
  • Lili has been considered as a suitable bride for Soo-Won by most of the Tribe Leaders.
  • When Yona and Soo-Won reminded her that Guen-tae was married, she squeezed their necks.


  • (To Ayura and Tetora) "I'm not like him. I will save the Water Tribe."[7]
  • "If I can't protect Yona here, even death wouldn't be enough to atone!"
  • (About Lord Kushibi)"How strange I'm not scared at all, or rather looking at that arrogant man sitting so high-up with a delighted expression on his face, makes me so furious.
  • (To Sei's soldiers) "Just try and kill me if you can, you cowards!!"
  • (To the other captives in Sei) "If you don't want to die, FIGHT!!"
  • (To the soldiers that were threatening Yona and Algira) "What are you all doing? That girl is a very good friend of mine. If you get violent with her, I'll have your head!"[12]
  • (To Soo-Won) "Your Majesty's position wouldn't be in danger because of something like this, right? ... Because Your Majesty, you are my savior as well. That is all the more reason why I don't want my precious friend to die by your hand."[12]

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