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Swirl Left A Wiki dedicated to everything about the Manga and Anime Akatsuki no Yona created by Mizuho Kusanagi. We aim to have referenced and detailed information on all of our articles, so please, feel free to help us with anything! We are currently editing over 209 articles on this wiki, though there are definitely more that can be made. Also please be careful for spoilers from the series, as this wikia is not spoiler free. Swirl Right

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Kija (キジャ Kija) is one of the four dragon warriors, who possesses the blood of the white dragon deity. He grew up the Village of Hakuryuu and was the first to join Yona and her group on her mission.

Kija is a handsome young man who has silver hair, blue eyes and fair-colored skin. He was sheltered in his isolated village for most of his life where the townsfolk looked up to him as a sacred deity. As such, he is a little naive when it comes to the real-world.

He is headstrong, straightforward and polite, with a vast knowledge about King Hiryuu and the four dragon warriors. He cherishes the power he has and strongly believes that the four dragon deities should be serving their master- which causes him to be annoyed when the others do not hold the same view.

Recent Translated Manga Chapter
Chapter 131: The King of Carnage

Chapter 131

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!
Click here to read the full translated chapter.

Zeno receives new clothes in Sansan whilst Yona and Hak are looking around the stores. Yona sees a child wanting to buy a sword and finds herself walking over to him. The child then takes Yona to an archery competition. During the competition, Hak nearly slips out that Yona is a princess and begins to think of new titles to call her by. Yona becomes embarrassed but she does not know why. Yona strikes the centre of the target board and the child is impressed- asking Yona to shoot down a bird in the sky. Yona does so, but the bird falls on top of a hooded stranger. Neguro, one of the Five Stars of Xing then calls the stranger by the name of the person that they have been hearing about: Princess Kouren.

Later, Kouren and her subordinates pay a visit to the town's citizens. Kouren states how she noticed some promising, young, combat talents amongst the people. She says that with the Five Stars by her side, Xing will triumph easily over Kouka Kingdom and the rumoured 'monsters' that resides in Hiryuu Castle. As the citizens chants Kouren's name, Yona is horrified with the knowledge that Tao and her peaceful ideas will never reach the people. She perceives that the war is certain to begin and then confesses to Hak how she has an idea to stop the war- to go to Hiryuu castle and convey Tao's wishes to Soo-Won. Hak says that he will go with her, as he cannot bear to let Yona walk down this dark, grim road by herself.

Recent Anime Episode
Episode 24: From Now On


Soon after Yona and her companions mention searching for the yellow dragon warrior, he shows up at their campsite, drawn by the smell of food. Jae-Ha, Shin-Ah and Kija recognise the yellow dragon warrior, who casually greets them. He refers to himself as Zeno and agrees to join Yona's group for the food, although he didn't feel any awakening when he met her. Zeno claims he has a tough body, although he doesn't appear to have any power. Kija is disappointed, but Yona trusts that he is the yellow-dragon. Yoon brings them all to the priest, Ik-Soo, and asks him what the sword and shield from the legend are. Ik-Soo tells them they will know it when it happens. Zeno asks Yona what she wants to do with the four dragons.

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Zeno as the cover for the 8th segment of the Akatsuki no Yona anime Blu-Ray/DVD.
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Kindness is not a crime. But sometimes it awakens the weakness and greed in others.

Soo-Won, Shaking Resolve

Featured Media
TVアニメ『暁のヨナ』プロモーションビデオ 第4弾01:16

TVアニメ『暁のヨナ』プロモーションビデオ 第4弾

The fourth anime promotional video for Akatsuki no Yona!
Did You Know?

...that in the latest volume release of Akatsuki no Yona, Kusanagi-san announced the official birthdays for the main cast of the series? They are as follows:

  • January 3rd: Shin Ah (from Hito [1] Mi [3], meaning pupil/eye)
  • February 3rd: Soo-Won (from Fu [2] Min [3], meaning sleeplessness)
  • April 6th: Kija (from Shi [4] Ro [6], meaning white)
  • April 7th: Yona (from Yo [4] Na [7])
  • May 4th: Jae-Ha (Japan's "Greenery Day")
  • August 9th: Hak (from Ha [8] Ku [9])
  • August 30th: Zeno (Japan's "Happy Sunshine Day")
  • September 25th: Yoon (Japan's "Housewife Resting Day")

Out of all of the lovely characters in Akatsuki no Yona, the one who seems to be the topic of the most controversy is our king-slayer Soo-Won. Whether you love him or hate him, odds are you have come across someone with a drastically different opinion to you where he is concerned. To get a more general look at the fandom's opinion on the man, we now ask you this: What is your opinion on Soo-Won?

What do you think of Soo-Won??

The poll was created at 09:38 on July 10, 2015, and so far 1311 people voted.
Poll Results

We asked about some characters who are a little less known than our Dark Dragon and the Happy Hungry Bunch, and you answered! With Hak out of the picture... someone still managed to dominate the poll. Much to my surprise, it was Hak's grandfather Mundok who you decided was your favourite past/present general! Full results are below:

Position Character Votes Percent
1 Son Mundok 229 61.89%
2 Lee Geun-Tae 88 23.78%
3 Tae-Woo 32 8.65%
4 Han Joo-Doh 14 3.78%
5 Kan Kyo-Ga 5 1.35%
6 Kan Soo-Jin 1 0.27%
6 An Joon-Gi 1 0.27%
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